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In addition to providing various other services such as Legal Consultancy, Human Resource Consultancy and related services, the firm also provides Compliance, Policy & Regulatory, Company Secretarial Services and Offshore Companies & Trusts formation.

Why Offshore Companies?

The offshore company formation provides several potential benefits over the traditional "onshore" corporation, such as:

·    Privacy;

·    Tax Benefits;

·    Protection from lawsuits;

·    Providing tax efficient ownership structures;

·    Protection of Assets; and

·    Estate Planning



An offshore entity used for conducting business, financial transactions, property/asset purchase and other personal investments, provides complete privacy. In most of the jurisdictions, the beneficial owners can be hidden behind the company structure and their details are often not mentioned on any public records and documents.


Protection from Lawsuits, Protection of Assets and Estate Planning

 The assets placed into offshore structures in jurisdictions, which provide privacy and secrecy, are hidden under an extra layer of protection since the assets are held by the company and not by any individual(s). Such layer generally helps by providing protection against frivolous lawsuits

 Bringing litigation against properly structured offshore companies, offshore trusts and offshore foundations is more difficult due to the added difficulty of locating foreign assets and subsequently proving ownership of them.

Bringing one’s assets under offshore companies and trusts also provides protection against forced inheritance under certain legal systems, for instance legal systems that follow Islamic inheritance laws.

Tax Efficient Ownership Structures 
Offshore Companies also help expatriates in certain jurisdictions to own onshore companies, thereby providing a cushion against forced inheritance and distribution of company assets upon death of a shareholder. Since all the shares are held by an offshore company, they are protected by the fact that a corporate and not an individual owns them and further, an offshore company which is domiciled in a safe haven provides them protection from lawsuits and forced inheritance.
 Tax Benefits

Most of the offshore companies are established in tax havens that offer low or zero tax rates. Apart from certain regulatory fees, such as incorporation or licensing costs, companies are often offered 100% freedom from any kind of taxation.

Not only this, most of these tax havens also have double tax treaties with a number of jurisdictions worldwide, which further helps in structuring businesses and minimizing taxes. The Seychelles Special License Company (CSL) is one such entity, which may access the growing list of tax treaties signed by Seychelles with countries such as China.

 How We Can Help?

Legum Amicuss has reliable partners in various offshore jurisdictions who have extensive experience in Offshore consultancy. We have strong systems in place to provide our clients extremely efficient, responsive and unparalleled service.

 The Firm has a diverse team of tax consultants, lawyers and company secretaries who can help our clients by providing a complete one-stop business consultancy. Our team has advised various businesses and clients in matters related to business establishment and offshore formations.

 We guarantee our clients complete confidentiality, a competitive price policy, a robust team with diverse expertise in taxation, legal matters, business consultancy, estate planning and company secretarial matters and an extremely efficient system of providing prompt response to our clients’ queries.

 We offer offshore formation services in the following jurisdictions:

·      British Virgin Islands;

·      Seychelles;

·      Mauritius;

·      Jebel Ali Free Zone, UAE; and

·      RAK Free Trade Zone, UAE

Please contact us for further information and to access our price list for various jurisdictions:



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